Music has been a catalyst behind many of the works I have created. Having grown up surrounded by the music and the industry, it easily became a source of reference material, drive and creation and as I explored the diversity and emotion in abstract art throughout history, it helped me find a way of bridging my love for visual art and music both formalistically and conceptually.

Having observed many compositions of the Baroque Artists, Abstract Expressionists, Viennese Actionists, and many other periods of art history, as well as looking at works of art from known artists in the heavy metal scene such as Jacob Bannon, Mike D’Antonio, Ken Adams and others, I have been working in multiple mediums and methodologies in visual art trying to combine my inspirations from art history and heavy metal. Being involved in the heavy metal scene and seeing the intensity, fashion, emotion and rituality, it has fostered much of the work I currently create. Whether from album covers, backdrops, band merchandise, lyrical and conceptual themes, or visions brought on by the music itself, I utilize these forms with references from different periods of art history, and the metal scene in New York City to create my own style and craft.

I have had the opportunity to give my artworks to known bands in the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal world. These bands include, Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, Lacuna Coil, Trivium, Halestorm, Soilwork, Dying Fetus, Otep and Corrosion of Conformity.

2016, “Underground Art Show”, Manhattan NY
2016, “Special Effects II” by Fuzzrocious and Rising Pulse Records, Nihil Gallery, Brooklyn NY
2016, Lucky 13 Saloon, Brooklyn NY
2016, SVA Open Studios, School of Visual Arts, NY, NY
2016, Gramercy Theater, NY, NY
2015, SVA Open Studios, School of Visual Arts, NY, NY
2015, “Kitty Kind”Fundraiser, Brooklyn NY
2015, “Bare Skin”, group exhibition, The Outer Room, Brooklyn NY
2014, “Dig”,group exhibition, Firehouse Space, Brooklyn NY
2014, Jojer Fine Art and Framing, NYC, NY
2014, “Color Flow”,School of Visual Arts, NY,NY
2014, Wong, Wright drawing exhibition at SVA fine arts, NYC, NY
2013, “Color Flow, School of Visual Arts, NY, NY
2013, Albrecht Raumausstattung GmbH, Straubing, Germany
2012, Happy Dog Gallery, Piermont, NY
2011, Outside In, Piermont, NY